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2007 Travels January 5

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Back to the routine of early morning start, breakfast in the mess, walk to my site office, hope that someone had cranked up the generator, and start work at 6am.

I had to familiarize myself with the office here, which was set up as S had left it. There was a large piece of board across one corner, just behind my chair, where cement blocks had broken up through the floor, when the willy blew the building off the blocks, back in December


Position of steps showed how far the willy wind had moved the donga


Inside the office!

Got the machines fired up and was pleased they all worked. The sat dish had survived the elements. I had been worried about that. Also about whether things like that would survive the possible odd curious visitor, whilst the site was totally unattended, over the Xmas break.

It did not take long for little dramas to start coming my way! The mechanics had arrived at RV1 to repair the company forklift which had broken down and been left there. But no-one knew where the keys for it were. I managed to find the keybox which had been  moved from RV1 to here – but the keys were not in it. I could only guess that they had gone somewhere in someone’s pocket, before Xmas! So the repair could not be done.

Apparently FMG had decided that they wanted eight more SPQ dongas installed at each of the Villages, as soon as possible. So all of that associated building and supply chain would have to be revved up again. I was glad that was the role of HO people, not me!

I phoned the Shire and arranged for inspection of the pools at both Villages, for Monday. Also the kitchen here- although in use, it was not yet “official”.

John was quickly back into the routine too. He had to do some purchasing in Hedland – now the best part of a three hour drive away. After collecting a couple more of the workers from the late plane, they all overnighted at RV1.

I felt quite solitary after work, with John away, and no one else occupying the other two rooms in our donga. The usual routine of shower, change into casual clothes, walk to mess for tea, back to room. I read for a while. Felt alone enough to put a chair back under the door knob before I went to bed!

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