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2007 Travels January 3

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After my morning walk around the lake – some 4kms with side tracks – thought I had better just phone Alice Springs and check that they did not now need us.

The new girl said that we were booked to fly to Port Hedland tomorrow! She “thought” she’d left a message for us – somewhere – before Xmas. Good thing I’d checked. She emailed the necessary documentation. That, at least, came through.

It was to be a very early morning flight out of Melbourne!

So began a flurry of packing and getting organized. We took the new table to son’s place. They were really pleased with it. John makes great tables!

Discovered that a hose on the washing machine was leaking. We’d been blaming the old cat for having a bad aim at his litter tray!

Resize of 03-23-2006 pantry cat

Old Spook cat had developed some eccentric habits….

Category 1 Cyclone Isobel made landfall at Eighty Mile Beach this morning, with winds around 120kmh. By the afternoon, it had turned into a tropical low, deluging the Port Hedland area and parts to the south east – just where our Villages were! It was threatening to join forces with a big storm system lurking around, so flying up to Hedland could be interesting!

When I got up this morning, did not envisage the way the day would end, for sure.

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