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2006 Travels December 11

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We had an unhurried start to the day and a relaxed drive to Bendigo.

Refuelled at Ouyen – $1.29cpl – and had a morning tea break at the rest area there.

It was mid afternoon when we backed the rig into the driveway at daughter’s place, and unhitched Truck and van – after carefully putting big chocks behind the van wheels. Their driveway slopes down quite markedly. This was the first time we had been game enough to unhitch the van on this slope. Not because of concern for the van – we were confident that the chocks and handbrake would hold it – but because linking up the van and Truck, with the Treg hitch, on any slope, had proved problematic in the past. I told myself I would worry about that later!

We drove to shops at Kangaroo Flat, for some oddments – nibbles, papers and the like, and some wine.

Enjoyed the late afternoon and evening with the family and grandson – now nearly 4 years old. He seemed thrilled and excited to see us again. I had sent him postcards when I could, to remind him of our existence, but these had, of necessity, been infrequent since September. It was arranged that the boy could have the day off from child care tomorrow, and we would look after him.

In a week, we had driven some 4,300kms.

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