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2006 Travels October 29

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40 degrees and humid – again. Looked like this was the norm for now. I hoped it would not get any hotter.

We had now been here for six weeks. Hopefully, we were more than half way through this project; given the speed at which the work was progressing, this was quite likely.

The trucks that were on their way up from Perth yesterday went direct today and delivered the first six buildings to RV2. Yes! They were 4 SPQ’s and 2 laundries. I wondered if anyone on site there would be doing the recording of building numbers?

It was our day off. I did the washing. Read papers that John had bought for me in Hedland, yesterday.

John changed the wheel bearing on the van – on the door side – the one that was getting a bit hot when we were coming down here. I felt some concern about this, because that was the wheel that we damaged on the way home last year. In theory, all the bits in there should have been new, and fine. If we did finish up getting to drive home before Xmas, we would be crossing the Nullarbor in really hot conditions – and would not want a breakdown then.

Resize of 10-29-2006 fly camp reptile 2

Our friendly camp reptile

Sometimes, I felt vaguely guilty because we were not utilizing days off to go out and about, sightseeing. But it was so hot out there! And after the busy weeks, all we feel like doing is hanging out around our camp. Given that John was driving so much through the week, he really wasn’t keen on it on his day off.

Resize of 10-28-2006 Pilbara dusk 2

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