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2006 Travels October 27

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It was very humid today, and about 40 degrees.

Our men worked on the kitchen set up, the Pod 3 verandas, and at the “poo farm” site.

Resize of 10-26-2006 Water Tank and Water Treatment Room Installed

Water tank and water treatment plant

Three more SPQ’s arrived. The delay in access to RV2 for trucks was really creating a ridiculous situation.

John went to Hedland for supplies.

A mechanic came out from Hedland to try to fix the broken down bobcat, the repair of which was very urgent. Without it, trucks could not be unloaded.

Another man came out from Hedland and removed the virus from R’s computer and at the same time hooked it up to print directly on the office printer.

The phones went out, from about mid morning on. I was able to get John, who hadn’t yet left for Hedland, to contact, from there, the comms company. I wondered if it was somehow linked to S’s stuffing about with the systems yesterday.

The Acco tip truck got a flat tyre. The repaired forklift blew a tyre.

The cementing company’s excavator was brought from RV2 to RV1.

Resize of 10-26-2006 Pilbara light 2

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