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2006 Travels October 25

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About 40 today.

John had an afternoon trip to Hedland.

One job I managed today was to bring the travel spreadsheet – where the men’s leave weeks are set out and co-ordinated – for both villages, up to date. One of the office girls in Alice Springs was supposed to be working with that, but did not seem to have much of a clue, so a copy had been sent to me to update. With so many working on the sites now, dove tailing the leave periods was becoming somewhat complex.

S was cleaning and setting up Pod 1 – and making a list of things missing that should have been supplied with the SPQ’s – and things broken! M and R came back from leave and M would start helping with that work.

Resize of 10-26-2006 04 Kitchen Mixer

King sized mixmaster!

Delivery of buildings continued – the arrival of something was pretty well a daily event. Today another SPQ came and a module that mystified me for a while until it was identified as a dry goods store for the kitchen. That did not appear on any of the plans I’d seen.

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