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2006 Travels October 23

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Cloudy today and only into the high 30’s. “Only” – all things are relative!

While I was off yesterday, four more SPQ’s were delivered. FMG changed the location of the waste water plant and where the water treatment tanks would be – not sure why, but it would mean some adjustments needing to be made, to pipes and the like already laid.

Water for the camp would be coming from a bore,  dug several kms away and piped to the camp.

Resize of 10-22-2006 bore works

The bore area and generator for its pump

Resize of 10-23-2006 bore line

Pipe that would bring water from bore to camp

Work was continuing on the kitchen/diner roof, and its internal fit out.

Resize of 10-18-2006 inside delivered kitchen module

Inside a kitchen module, as it was delivered

Large generator units – four of them – had recently been delivered to site, and now were placed into their proper positions. Clearly, this camp would need quite a bit of power to run it – not the least due to all those air conditioning units that would be running all night, every night, through the hotter months.

Resize of 10-22-2006 P1000392 gens going in

Generators being placed

Resize of 10-22-2006 P1000393 gens in place

Four generators to form a power plant

Materials for the fresh water tank were put in place, and the subby firm was working on that.

I had to phone the hire company about K going in from RV2 to get lights for the cementers to work at night there.

In the morning, R received a phone call to say that the truck that delivered two of the SPQ’s yesterday, had gone “legs up” – rolled over – on the way back to Perth. It happened during the night, south of Newman. Apparently the driver was lucky not to be badly hurt – he had the second trailer “up” on the first, and that saved the cab. He went over quite a high embankment. Said an oncoming 4WD had high up, really bright driving lights, ran him off the road and didn’t stop. Poor guy was a subbie to the transport company. The boss of the transport company was trying to persuade R to drive down there and assess the damage for him. R said no.

All the SPQ’s were now in place here. Two more were delivered today for RV2. The truck driver said he had passed the truck accident site, down past Newman, and the truck was a real mess.

Today, we had 8 company staff working on site, two others were on their leave break, and there were 8 subbies working on electrical, air con, plumbing and sewerage tasks. The essential infrastructure was rapidly taking shape.

Resize of 10-22-2006 P1000394 water tank

Water tank being built

R decided that he wanted N and S to stay on here for a while. He wanted N to be a labourer/workman and S to work on cleaning inside all the SPQ’s – quite a big job. Hmmm – not sure she signed up for that!

John was sent into Hedland to buy lights needed for the kitchen/diner.

Late afternoon, there was a storm in the distance, with much lightning. Bushfire starting conditions.

Resize of 10-23-2006 Pilbara storm

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