This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2006 Travels September 5 – 7

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Our routine went on pretty much as before.

There were now two new full sized buses in the park. They appeared  to have been made into quite upmarket motor homes, each towing a trailer with a 4WD vehicle on. They contained  families, travelling and working. Sometimes in my park walks, I would see the mothers doing home schooling work with their children. At other times, I would encounter them in the pool.

John went to the timber place a couple of times, to work on injecting his wood. The idea was that filling the cracks in this way would prevent them enlarging. I resisted all attempts to enlist my help.

Filled Truck at Coolalinga – $1.36cpl.

We were told that we would start the mango packing next Tuesday – a definite start then. That was good news. Just waiting about in the steadily increasing heat and humidity was becoming a bit tedious.

Resize of 11-11-2002 mango orchard

Mango orchard

Phoned M to give her the news about our mango work – had to leave a message, so she had to be somewhere out of range.

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