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2006 Travels August 20

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M left to start her journey south. I was sad to see the Troopy drive off.

We went to bowls at the Darwin Club. Over last summer, John bought new bowls, that tracked differently to his former ones. They were bright yellow, so really stood out on the green. After this morning’s effort, I concluded that his yellow bowls were not enhancing his game, at all. I thought he played much better with his old ABT ones.

We were sitting outside the van, having our happy hour, when the air force planes came in low, to roost, just on dusk. Their flight path was straight over us, here, and they were incredibly noisy. On some occasions, they had been out on night exercises and when they were coming back, the noise was so loud that we literally could not hear the TV, in the van! But they were interesting and exciting to watch.

Resize of 08-08-2006 hvcp zoom

Hidden Valley – ensuite sites upper right side

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