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2006 Travels August 17

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John was busy in the van, trying to fix up his new internet connecting gizmo.

M and I left him to it and I went with her to the shops at Palmerston, and then into the city. She wanted to do some more Xmas shopping for various family and friends.

At Target in Palmerston, I bought a couple of pairs of long chino trousers that were on special. I figured they would be useful if we finished up working where long gear was needed. Bought myself a couple of loose, cool, casual tops, too.

Meanwhile, John found out that the Rumble in the Jungle Bowls match, which had been supposed to be this coming Saturday  – after our waiting around for it –  had either been deferred until much later, or cancelled altogether for this year. So there was no bowls commitment this weekend for us. It is funny how things work out. If we had not been waiting around for that, John would not have seen the jobs ads, and we would probably by now have been heading south, being happy tourists along the way! I was quietly annoyed.

In the later afternoon, took ourselves off to Mindil Beach markets again, to get tea, which we ate wandering around. We did not go and sit on the beach with the crowds, but the brilliant sunset was in the background.

Resize of 08-10-2006 01 Mindil sunset

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