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2006 Travels August 11

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Back into town where I wanted to check out a couple of aboriginal art galleries.

The first of these was a let-down, both in terms of the type of offering  and the prices set. We were not tempted by anything.

I was much more impressed at the Framed Gallery. Unfortunately, could not afford any of the several works that I liked. But bought a pair of earrings – silver Lightning Man figures – for $112. That was a lot for earrings, but I love the Lightning Man legend as depicted at the Nourlangie  rock art site in Kakadu, so just could not resist these. I was sure no one else I meet at home would  have anything like them.

We returned the little Colt, which had been great to zip around town in, and got Truck back. Whatever else one can say about the Defender, it definitely does not zip in city traffic! Just hoped  it really was  finally fixed.

Went out again for tea. Funny that I could not get too enthusiastic about cooking, myself!

Went to Yots Greek Restaurant, at the Cullen Bay Marina. This had been recommended by M’s friend who lived at the Marina, and she came too. Although the food was very pleasant, it was expensive – $120 for the two of us!

Resize of 08-16-2006 01 Cullen bay marina

Cullen Bay Marina and surrounding apartment buildings

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