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2006 Travels July 19

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Another day off, for us, though M had to work.

I did some chores in the morning. Fitted in my washing between M doing the camp and cafe washing, and B doing theirs,  in the one and only machine. Cleaned the van.

After lunch, headed off to explore another new walk – Greenant Creek and Tjaetaba Falls – a return walk of nearly 3kms. Just a stroll, in the overall scheme of things!

This time, we drove back to the east, past the Wangi Falls turn off. Greenant Creek was between that and the Tolmer Falls turnoff.

Resize of 07-19-2006 01 Greenant Creek valley

The lush little valley of Greenant Creek

The walking track followed the small Greenant Creek –  lushly vegetated, green, cool and pretty. Most of our way, we could hear the creek burbling along.

Resize of 07-19-2006 06 Greenant Falls 3

Resize of 07-19-2006 09 Greenant Falls 6

Eventually came to the lookout point where we could gaze out over the top of Tjaetaba Falls.

Resize of 07-19-2006 07 Greenant Falls 4

Resize of 07-19-2006 11 Greenant Falls 8

We lingered for a while there, then retraced our steps back to Truck and thence to camp, to laze away what was left of the afternoon.

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