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2006 Travels July 10

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As said, John’s flight arrived at 2am.

We set off, from the airport, to drive back to camp. Neither of us was particularly happy about driving these parts in the dark – too much wild life about. So we both kept our eyes peeled, to the point of getting a headache.

Just before Batchelor, the passenger side front tyre blew out. Loudly. Gave us both a fright. We had to do a wheel change by torchlight – not ideal. I was just so very pleased that it had not happened when I was driving on my own. Was also pleased that I keep a decent torch in Truck. The large, steel wheels of the Defender are bloody heavy to lift and heave around.

We got back to camp at 5.30am. Had to get up at 7am to get ready for work!

I can’t claim it was my best day in the kitchen, but got through it with no muddled orders, even if I did feel like a zombie much of the time. Can’t do lack of sleep like once I could – must be getting old!

John worked till 5pm. I worked till 6.30pm, with only a 15 minute lunch break.

John was actually glad to be back!

We had a very early night.

Resize of 07-15-2006 At home, Monsoon Cafe

Someone not feeling enthusiastic about the coming day…….

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