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2006 Travels June 28

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The day was routine.

The evening was livened up by the cutting of pilot S’s hair, after the cafe had closed for the night.

The staff group and WOOFERS were sitting outside on the lawns  after tea – a rare occurrence, because we usually all went our separate ways. But some of the ranger staff from the National Park had come to visit, for drinks, and a couple of the local people, who were involved with the art venture in the gallery rotunda, were also there. There were no guests in the safari camp and no diners. The gathering turned fairly raucous, fairly quickly!

Resize of 06-28-2006 05 Scott haircut Aaron and Lauren

S commented that he really needed a hair cut. John volunteered to do it, and went off to the van to get the gear I used to cut his hair.

Resize of 06-28-2006 02 Scott haircut 2

John started the clipping process, by torchlight, but then local lady K got in on the act and finished it off, amidst much hilarity.

Resize of 06-28-2006 10 Scott haircut Kerry takes over

Fortunately, using clippers with a set length attachment, there wasn’t too much that could go wrong.

It was a fun night.

Resize of 06-28-2006 07 Scott haircut Mem and Birgit

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