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2006 Travels May 31

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We had been given another day off today.

I made us sandwiches for lunch, at the cafe, and grabbed some cans  of cool drinks too.

We took French John with us, after clearing stuff off the one back seat of the Truck, and drove the dirt back road, to the Territory Wildlife Park at Berry Springs.

We had loved the Park at Alice Springs, on our visits there, and  had not been to this one before.

It was, of course, totally different to the Central Australian one, featuring the wetlands and environment of the Top End, rather than arid lands. But the principle was similar – a whole lot of different exhibits. We walked  around the various exhibits, then caught the little internal transport “train” between them.

Like its arid counterpart, one could spend a whole day here. We spent hours here.

Resize of 05-31-2006 01 Turtle at TW Park


Resize of 05-31-2006 06 Sawfish at TW Park

Sawfish – from below

Resize of 05-31-2006 10 Nemo fish at TW Park

We found Dory!

I was really taken by the side-on view into a freshie croc pool, where a croc was actually standing on the rocky bottom, with just its snout poking out of the water. Saved it the effort of floating, I guessed.

Resize of 05-31-2006 04 Freshie at TW Park 3

Not the usual view of a freshwater crocodile

There was, of course, a featured saltwater crocodile on show, and we were lucky enough to actually see baby crocs hatching from their eggs.

Resize of 05-31-2006 08 Saltie at TW Park 2

Saltie on a sand bank

Resize of 05-31-2006 09 Crocs hatching TW Park

Crocodiles hatching

We walked a path around a wetland lagoon area, and another by a billabong.

Resize of 05-31-2006 12 Lagoon study TW Park

Resize of 05-31-2006 15 Lagoon study TW Park 4

Resize of 05-31-2006 16 Lagoon study TW Park 5

Resize of 05-31-2006 18 Billabong TW Park

At the water’s edge, not far from the path, saw a freshie croc, very well camouflaged amongst the dead leaves floating on the surface of the water.

Resize of 05-31-2006 24 Freshie croc in there TWP

Find the crocodile!

Ate our sandwich lunch at the picnic area by the entrance gate, then got back on the train to go to another section, to see the birds of prey feeding display. My favourite there was the barking owl. We had so often heard them at night, over the past few years up north, but so rarely saw them.

Resize of 05-31-2006 25 Barking owl TW Park

Barking Owl

Got back to camp  about 5pm.

Happy hour was spent telling M all about our day out – and her filling us in on the day’s happenings  here.

Resize of 05-31-2006 26 Raptor TW Park

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