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2006 Travels May 24

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Left the Resort at 10am, after a little sleep in. That was the biggest annoyance about having to move location – that we could not sleep really late.

We were at a bit of a loss as to how to fill in the day. Too much driving was not advisable, in traffic, with the clutch misbehaving.

Yesterday, on the way from Casuarina, John had spotted a really large electrical and audio outlet – WOW Sight and Sound. It was not far, so we went there. Spent some time browsing – bought some cd’s, and extra battery for the video camera, and a charger. All quite indulgent, for us.

Just after noon, checked into the Hidden Valley Caravan Park. The unit there cost $109 for the night.

This park was larger than I’d expected, and was definitely a quality park. It was relatively new, I thought, as it had not been an option we had explored on our previous visit. There were plentiful luxuriant gardens, including around our unit, which was very nice.

We holed up in the unit for the rest of the day, lunching on the leftovers from last night. John spent more time on his laptop, and watched TV. I could not get enthusiastic about walking to the pool, which had looked to be rather busy.

In the cooler, later afternoon, we did go for a walk around the park, checking it out. Decided that, if we had to bring the van to Darwin for a stay, we would definitely look to come here – good looking sites.

After dark, drove across to Fannie Bay, to get a fish and chip tea from a shop there that I remembered, from school trips, as having excellent food. The meal was very enjoyable, if a bit pricy.

Resize of 05-24-2006 marked map

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