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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2006 Travels April 24

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The bus group was in for tonight, too.

I helped MS cook again today. Big numbers again, because the builders who would be working on the new house arrived this afternoon.

I made apple crumble dessert for about 55 diners.

She asked me to do the builders’ smoko, from tomorrow, as I’d experience of that from 2002. That meant making them a substantial hot, brunch type meal in the mid morning.

John took many of the bus group on a walking tour at the National Park. He charged them $40 a head for the walk and a canoe trip. In this way, he earned almost $1000 for Adels. Well, that would have covered a week’s wages for us, had we been getting wages!

The family arrived back mid-afternoon. They should have been impressed with the way things had gone in their absence, but there was no comment from them.

Resize of 04-19-2006 18 Grove Lawn Hill Creek4

The threatened cyclone  had crossed the top of Cape York and headed straight across the Gulf – there would be no impact here, according to the news the bosses brought back with them. There was so little access to the outside world here that we did not hear about such things.

I served in the bar again and we both helped out with the dinner service and clean up.

My dessert worked well and there was sufficient for all.

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