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2006 Travels April 10

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Today was a bad day!

My heel was much more sore today. It clearly had not liked the bowls yesterday. So I limped around the place.

I had the first chance, since we left home, to do our washing. Unfortunately, some workmen broke a water pipe – while our clothes were in the machine. Some clothes got stained by gunk coming through the pipes, and then the machine malfunctioned, so I had to thoroughly rinse everything by hand.

To say I was annoyed was an understatement! In the intense humidity, slaving away in a confined laundry was not pleasant.

John went off to the dentist. Filling completed. It cost just over $200. But it had not deterred him from  still using dental floss!

After he came back, we went to the supermarket and stocked up on food – and cash money. We did not know when the roads would be declared open, so now that the tooth was fixed, we could leave here as soon as that happened. So we needed to keep up supplies, ready for a quick departure.

Resize of 10-04-2006 outback at isa

The Outback at Isa Centre, which makes a major feature of the Riversleigh fossil finds. (from Google)

 I managed to catch up with the Woolworths lady who had filled my Pungalina orders last year. Thanked her for the great job done.

John repaired the mechanism of the glass stove top cover, that attached  it to the bench. It was loose and had been affected by the corrugations of recent years.

Today was very humid. There was a big cloud build up in the afternoon, but no actual rain.

I phoned Adels. The roads were still closed – outlook uncertain.

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