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2006 Travels April 4

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We did not leave Swan Hill until after some tasks had been completed.

Resize of 04-03-2006 Murray River view downstream

Murray River at Swan Hill

I visited a jeweller to get my watch going again. But the verdict was that there was something other than just the battery wrong with it. I had little choice but to buy a new one, as I really had to have a watch to function properly at Adels. So I bought a stainless steel one, quite nice, for $200. Had the band from my old one fitted to the new one, as it was a style I preferred.

We also bought a case for the video camera – more compact than the one we had been using.

John posted off the fleece jackets, bought in Halls Gap,  to Brussels.

We drove to Hay via Tooleybuc and Balranald, to stay on the better faster roads, even though it was not the most direct route.

Topped up the fuel at Balranald, at 222kms done. $1.37cpl.

There were a few spots of rain at one stage in the afternoon, confirming that summer had really gone.

Booked into the Hay Plains Caravan Park. $18 after discount.

We set out to go for a walk, but did not go very far because I had a really sore heel, ankle back. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with it; there had not been any incident or accident to account for it. All I could think of was that it was an aftermath from all the standing at the Games work.

Resize of 04-04-2006 Murrumbidgee at Hay

Murrumbidgee River at Hay

To add to the accumulating woes on this trip, after tea, John pulled out a filling when using dental floss. It would need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Resize of 04-04-2006 to h

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