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2005 Travels October 7

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It was a routine trip home, though John said he could feel the extra weight of the wood, when going down the range to Yarra Glen!

It was a real relief to get home again with the rig intact.

Resize of 10-07-2005 home

All was well at home. The house sitters had done a competent job of looking after the place for the months we were away.

The old cat seemed to be appreciative that we were back. I was happy he was still surviving.

So then it was the bigger than normal job to get the van and Truck unpacked and cleaned out – over the space of several days.


Statistics for 2005 trip:

* Kms travelled:    10,533kms

* Kms van towed:   6,304kms

* Cost of diesel:   $1,050.00

* Dearest diesel:  $1.70  Mungerannie Roadhouse

* Cheapest diesel:  $1.09  Longreach

* Accommodation cost:  $633.60

* Accommodation discounts gained:  $16

* Dearest accommodation per night:  Broken Hill Tourist Park  $28 (en-suite)

* Cheapest paid accommodation per night: $8  Adels Grove (special arrangement)

* Number of different places stayed at:  17


Note: these stats are skewed by the way we lived this trip. Had no way of calculating litres put into Truck from fuel drum, so no consumption stats for that time. So we have not worked out the usual averages. Likewise, accommodation data is affected by the months of free accommodation at Pungalina.

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