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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels September 30

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Drove back out to Silverton to finalize the purchase of the two prints from the Horizon Gallery. They would be shipped in a month or so.

That done, I wanted to find the old railway station. The rail line was long abandoned, but this was an aspect of historic Silverton we had not seen before. It was a little way out of the township, down a side track.

Resize of 09-30-2005 06 old station Silverton

The old rail line and siding type building were very photogenic, with the low bush around. I spent some time prowling about and taking shots – and was very pleased with the effort.

Resize of 09-30-2005 02 old station Silverton

Back in town, refuelled Truck – $1.34cpl. Had done 493kms.

Fish and chips for tea again, tonight. I measure the passing of the weeks by fish and chip Fridays!

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