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2005 Travels August 26

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I was up early to do the final breakfast for the two Japanese and see them off on their long drive back to Darwin.

They appeared to have had a great time. They certainly caught plenty of fish – and went back with heaps of photos to prove it.

Their comments:

* This was the most wonderful experience of my life in Australia. Fishing paradise Pungalina. Thank you very much for the 5 star hospitality. Thank you, O, John and Wendy. We love you. We will come back!

The mail plane came. We were up at the house to meet it – in the absence of anyone else there.

I did the usual decommission of the camp, and washing.

Resize of 09-10-2005 13 Owen's House 11

Camp food sharing fridge with house food

O eventually returned with the truck supplies. I occupied much of the rest of the day dealing with same. Each order received was always checked off against both the original order, and the invoices, and that took quite a bit of time. As always, there were discrepancies – 4 loaves of sliced bread received, instead of the eight ordered, one bottle of cream instead of four. No bacon. No bag of laundry powder.

I was eventually able to get started on a big clean up of the camp – the washing and tent cleaning from the last eight days. I had missed having the back up of A at the house to help with the work. And we certainly missed W’s presence, now the Daihatsu brakes had gone, and the old Hilux had given up going too.

Resize of 09-10-2005 32 Hilux RIP 2

Hilux dead

Some Victorian friends of O had been staying, up at the house. I wasn’t sure when they had arrived, but they left today. They had done a little work on starting the foundations for the new house. But O had not had much time to devote to them though. Their comments in the guest book:

* Thanks mate, a wonderful experience, wonderful country and great company. Hopefully it won’t be so long until the next visit.

* Words just can’t describe this breathtaking location. Best of luck on the house and see you next year.

John refuelled Truck, as usual, from diesel drum at the house. Had done 456kms. Somehow, it kept mounting up.

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