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2005 Travels August 23

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We worked 9am till 10pm.

Breakfast was not required, as the guests had a real sleep in.

I cooked hedgehog, a date loaf, and Anzac biscuits.

Served the men cold meats and salad plate – kind of brunch timing. To fit in with fishing demands, it was decided that they would have the first part of their evening meal at 4pm, head out fishing, then have dessert as supper when they returned.

The marinated beef went on to roast at 11am! This felt really strange.

I was able to get up to the house to fax off the mail plane order – only a handful of items needed.

At 4pm I served them the standard roast beef meal. They then went off with O fishing.

They came back late from fishing, with more sooty grunter and some barramundi. O was happy – it was always a bit tense for him when there were fishing guests, until they actually caught some. But this place always delivered.

Resize of 08-23-2005 01 Billy Cart

Billycart transporting the fushermen

Supper was apricot cream dessert, with cheeses and hedgehog slice.

They did not linger around after supper. They appeared to have had a very enjoyable day.

John was amazed at the fishing gear they had brought with them. Really serious stuff – thousands of dollars worth of reels alone!

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