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2005 Travels August 9

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John had his usual tasks around camp and in the vegie garden today. Plus, he had to tidy up the camp lawns.

Faxed the weekly plane order to Tennant Creek. It was a fair size and probably rather pushing the boundaries of what could come on the plane. 5kg potatoes, a couple of large tins of fruit, 7 bottles of ginger beer and bottled water, 6 tubs of butter and margarine, 4 loaves of bread, 10 grapefruit, 14 bananas, 20 mandarins, 4 cartons of soy milk were the heaviest items, amongst others. Of course, A had a fair share of the order too.

I prepared for the couple of guests who were flying in tomorrow.

I organized the fridges again, put the finishing touches on a tent for them, cleaned the toilets and showers. Made a fruit cake and some choc chip muffins.

Resize of 08-08-2005 47 Bird and Bathtub Springs 30.JPG

White browed robin





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