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2005 Travels July 27

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I started at 7.30am and finished at 9pm.

John took our Truck up to do the watering, and refuelled it. Had done 382kms.

The three men of the survey party arrived. They had a vehicle, which two of them drove in, and a helicopter. This had a device resembling a rocket, slung underneath it, which was the actual aerial survey machine. Apparently, it was potential diamond bearing material they were surveying for.

Resize of 07-30-2005 01 helicopter survey.JPG

Part of survey team arriving

The helicopter had to go into the Robinson River community, before coming on here. I wasn’t sure why – whether to refuel, or for some other reason. No one had informed the general community members about what was coming. Apparently they took fright at this appearing, thought they were about to be bombed, and took to the bush!

I welcomed them, got them settled into their tents, then served them lunch – on the table outside. Plates of assorted salad and cold meats. There were muffins (from my freezer stock) and fruit.

They went off after lunch, to start their work, and I got on with tea prep.

Because we were expecting other guests over this period, and they would overlap, I had put some thought into menus, trying to prevent too much duplication of meals for the longer staying survey men.

I made carrot soup to chill for tomorrow’s lunch. Made a fruit salad.

Served only a few pre-dinner nibbles – didn’t think the men would be much into these.

Tea was BBQ steaks, with potato and sweet potato chippies and green salad. Dessert was fruit salad and cream.

These men did not have to be “entertained” in the same way as other guests. They could be served their coffee after dinner, then left to their own devices. But they did need to get working in the morning as early as possible, so that meant early mornings for us, to fire up the donkey and get breakfast ready.

Resize of 07-02-2005 06 July Sky 6.JPG

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