This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels July 22

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O left before daybreak, with tractor and trailer, on the fuel drum run. The delivery truck would have dropped them off – just up the entrance track a little way. There were 6000 litres of avgas to be transported in large drums.

Mail plane came, with the small food order.

John’s corn crop by our van was growing well. The regular dose of “fertilizer” from our night bucket in the van, seemed to be to its liking!

Resize of 07-23-2005 01 the corn patch.JPG

O got back with the fuel, right on dark. He had left instructions that, if he was not back when it got dark, we were to send out a rescue party! It was a relief for all concerned, to have the fuel all organized now, meaning the survey group’s booking would go ahead.

Resize of 08-03-2005 01 fugro refuelling.JPG

Fuel drums on makeshift trailer


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