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2005 Travels July 19

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Now that we were so much into “winter”, there were some quite heavy dews through the nights, and it sometimes felt quite chilly. The heat and humidity of when we first arrived here were but a memory!

Resize of 06-09-2005 07 Misty Morning 5

Bush shapes on a winter morning

I faxed off this week’s plane order. It was a small one, fruit and veg for us and the house, cheese, pasta, cereals, mettwurst for the house. And a dozen small buttons – A had been sewing children’s clothes.

Faxed off the truck orders to Mt Isa. The Woolworths order was not all that big and was evenly divided between items for the camp/ourselves, and those for the house. By contrast, the greengrocery order seemed a large one – again evenly divided. A was really getting into the spirit of this remote area ordering! Notable items were 8 dozen eggs, 10 kilos potatoes, ditto onions, a kilo of garlic for A.

Beau dingo had birthed two pups. She’d made herself a bit of a nest under the office caravan, where it was a pretty tight fit. O was worried that they might become dinner for a python but decided to leave them there for a few days – not least of which while he figured out a way to get under there to get them! At least, she stayed around the house area, rather than going bush to have her babies.

Resize of 09-10-2005 04 Owen's House 4

Beau crawled in under the old Silver Bullet to make her puppy nest


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