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2005 Travels July 17

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Today was our day off, apart from the watering chores.

We did some bird surveys around the camp and house area.

Did not feel like a major expedition today, so just drove out to Crocodyllus, did some bird counting and went for a paddle on the lake.

Resize of 06-03-2005 05 Wet Lands June 2

The extent of the mud around the water’s edge had lessened a bit, but we still got really muddy feet getting the canoe in and launched. It was a matter of leave footwear at Truck and go bare footed to the water.

I was not game to take the camera out in the canoe – pity, because some photos from out on the extensive area of water would have been worth having.

After we got back, I read for a while and John played computer games on his laptop.

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