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2005 Travels July 15

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Mail plane. The groceries arrived as ordered. So did another box of books from the library.

It seemed there had been communication between the survey company and A. The fuel truck was not prepared to tackle the Pungalina track in. Some sort of alternative arrangement had to be made, so there was quite a bit of communication to and fro about this.

O had purchased an old truck, not in going order, from Borroloola. The intention was to cannibalize it for parts for the Billycart, and other needs. It had been delivered to the corner of the driveway and the Savannah Way, and left there. He took the little Daihatsu to get the supplies, and then on the way back, used it to tow the 5 tonne truck as far as he could – at least away from the “main” road. It got about 20kms in, to the first rough-ish creek area past the fence and rock barrier “gateway”. At this point, the weight of the towed truck was too much for the little Terios, so the truck was left there.

A and I sorted the truck order between us. We were so pleased that the frozen meats had come, this time! I took the camp supplies back to the camp, along with my personal foods – like one frozen chook!

Resize of 05-01-2005 08 Love That Light

Cane Toad waiting for dinner

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