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2005 Travels July 10

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Our day off.

Had the usual sleep in, then went up to the house to do the watering, as usual.

After that, took a packed lunch and drove to Kirkby Waters – on the Calvert River, to the north.

Resize of 07-10-2005 03 Kirkby Waters 2.JPG

The Calvert River at Kirkby Waters

Here, the river narrowed and had shallow sections. A small side stream coming in created a somewhat swampy section. It was a really pretty part of the river.

Resize of 07-10-2005 06 Kirkby Waters 4

Tributary stream entering the Calvert

Resize of 07-10-2005 05 Kirkby Waters 3

On the way, we explored a rough side track that went to a low rise where we thought there might be a cave entrance. The trees there looked right for it. We found a cluster of stones that we thought was an aboriginal stone quarry area.

Resize of 07-10-2005 01 Aboriginal Stone Quarry.JPG

Aboriginal stone quarry? Or just a heap of random rocks?

Driving around the tracks on the property was enjoyable recreation in itself. There was something quite special in knowing that we were not sharing the spaces with anyone else – that we were, basically, alone, wherever we went on our times off.

Resize of 07-10-2005 04 Kirkby Waters.JPG

Upstream view at Kirkby Waters

O came back today, earlier than expected, and not seeming very happy about it. Gained the impression that the boss  had communicated that he should be here, attending to the business needs, like what was going on about the survey booking.

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