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2005 Travels June 23

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The usual early start and breakfast, but today the cooked offering was bacon with cooked tomato halves.

Today was another “out” day. so lunches and smokos had to be packed. A had made blueberry muffins for me, from a packet mix, early on, so they were fresh to go. The zucchini slice would be the basis for lunch, with packed individual containers of salad – potato, bean, lettuce, tomato wedges, leftover rice salad. I remembered to pack knives and forks with lunch! There was still some cake left to go with the muesli bars for afternoon tea.

Resize of 05-07-2005 04 Hot Dog Creek 3.JPG

Group out sightseeing today

A and M did the usual cleaning.

The two guests who came independently in their own plane, had decided to stay on an extra night from the rest of the group, so I had to work out the meals for them and plan ahead.

I made bread, including some French sticks, for tea. Made curried zucchini soup, to be chilled and served cold. Made coleslaw, green salad, tomato and onion salad. Put together a fancy fruit salad for tonight’s dessert.

Assembled a nibbles plate – the usual items. They seem to have been very well received – and all eaten – on the previous nights, so I saw no need to vary same much.

I tallied up the drinks consumed from the drinks fridge, from the honesty book, to make the final departure and payment quicker in the morning.

Tea was to be BBQ style, but cooked on the stove. O had brought down defrosted steaks, and mince, from which I made little hamburger patties. Marinated the steaks in red wine and garlic. I sliced onions ready to fry. Made chippies from potato and kumara, diced, and baked those in the oven.

When the group was back in camp, cleaned up and relaxing with nibbles, I fried the patties and seared the steaks, on the stove, and fried the onions, keeping things warm in the oven. It was a bit of a juggling act.

Being the last night for A’s group (all but two), dinner was for just about everyone – I catered for seventeen. W and A came down from the house, O and his daughter, M and John all joined the group.

Over the time, I’d had some pressure to eat with the group, but really preferred to be arranging the next course, getting started on clean up, and the like. But I had gone in and sat round the table, talking with the guests, when coffee was being had, and also joined the campfire gatherings. The company was very enjoyable.

The chilled soup, with bread, was served first. Mains were as described – meats, onions, chippies and salads. The steak was a bit tough. Fruit salad and whipped cream came last.

There was another final gathering around the campfire, with mints, cheeses and coffee.

A couple of campers had been booked in to arrive today. O had organized for W to show them down to the Squeaky Trees site and get them settled there.

I was really pleased that the boss’ first visit seemed to have gone really well – at least from the catering perspective. But could not relax, just yet.


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