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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels June 9

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We were getting cool mornings now, and sometimes there was fog over the place, which created some really interesting effects around the camp and creek. It was hard now, to properly recall the intense and exhausting heat of a couple of months ago.

Resize of 06-09-2005 01 Misty Morning.JPG

Cane Toad Clearing on a misty morning

Resize of 06-09-2005 04 Misty Morning 4.JPG

Safari Camp in the mist

With friend’s visit over, and boss A’s looming, it was a real flurry to get everything done that A had wanted, in discussions with O.

John commenced constructing a big set of shelves that would go across the one solid canvas wall of the kitchen tent. He planned to weld a strong framework from pieces of steel that were about the place, then mill planks of timber to lay across the framework. Probably ironwood. It wouldn’t matter that the timber would be rather rough – it just needed to be strong enough to hold all the crockery, glassware that I was expecting, and some foodstuffs.

O decided that John’s welding wasn’t good enough, and took over. He did not seem too happy with John displaying such practical skills. Maybe it clashed with his pre-conceived notions of teachers, for whom he had little time.

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