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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels May 19

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I had to take pain killers to sleep, last night – foot throbbed away steadily, all night. Was limping badly today, and much of the foot was blue/black. I wondered how bad it would have to get, before needing intervention? Suddenly, the reality of being at least a good day’s drive from the nearest doctor,  looms large. I didn’t think the Flying Doctor would be too happy to be called out for a sore foot, though.

It was cooling down steadily now. Days were more pleasant and the nights quite good for sleep. With (well screened) windows open at the head and foot of our bed in the van, there was a lovely through breeze.

Nights were down around 12 degrees, but the days still over 30. There was less cloud about and it was much less humid.

There was now a steady, but small, supply of eggplants and paw paws from the garden. John’s plantings were coming on. He’d rigged temporary shade over the younger plants.

Resize of 05-17-2005 01 Shade House Progress.JPG

Generator on trailer to power the tools. Solar panel powered the Telstra satellite dish system

O left in the late afternoon, to go and meet the supply truck at Redbank Mine. It was the second truck we’d had. He slept beside the track in his swag.

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