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2005 Travels April 25

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Anzac Day out in the wider world. A work day here.

The camp generator was fired up in order to get the fridges cold.

John did his usual gardening, watering, camp grooming tasks. Today, he had to mow the camp lawns as well. That took him ages.

I did a ferrying trip between house and camp, moving the refrigerated goods, and other requirements, down to the camp.

O brought down the alcohol supplies – stock he had brought from Brisbane – cans of beer, some wines, and also some soft drinks. There would barely be enough stocks of these, I thought, so I was rather anxious about that. When we had the first supply truck from Mt Isa, would get more stock.

I set up a small table near the drinks fridge, with a folder where guests could sign for drinks taken, to be tallied and added to their final account.

There was another table – one that could seat six or eight people – that would be used for eating daylight meals outdoors. This would be moved around to be in shade, as needed.

I fired up the kitchen stove and made Anzac biscuits and a date loaf. I used O’s bread making machine to make a loaf of bread. But the generator power supply was really not adequate for the draw of the machine at some stages of the process. The resultant loaf was not the greatest, but would have to do.

I made sure that the two tents the expected guests would be using were ready, and that the showers were clean and tidy. O must have had a message from A, because he warned me that one of the men was quite large, and we should ensure he had a very sturdy bed, and a very solid chair.

Resize of 04-23-2005 05 Inside Hakea Tent.JPG

I was becoming quite apprehensive about what was coming.

I filled a couple of water coolers and put them in the drinks fridge to chill, along with the two jugs of water that would go into the tents just before guest arrival tomorrow. After that, as part of the morning tidy up of the tents, the jugs would be refilled, re-chilled and put back just before guests arrived back from whatever they were doing.

I had made a work running sheet, to keep me on track through the next few days.

I had already checked – more than once – with O about what meat he had available in his freezers at the house. I reminded him to make sure the piece of beef destined for tomorrow’s dinner, was adequately defrosted by tomorrow morning. Just hoped he remembered!

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