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2005 Travels April 4

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Today was worth a special write up, for a couple of happenings:

Boss R and the chopper pilot headed off to Darwin for the week of the annual Savannah Guide school. The Savannah Guide Association is a network of tour and accommodation operators, across northern Qld and NT. They have a heavy emphasis on conservation and responsible access to the special places of the region.

Our future employer phoned, as did the Pungalina manager O. The latter had been in Melbourne over Easter and then went on to Brisbane. He was picking up canoes and a boat in Brisbane and driving through on Saturday 9th. We arranged to rendezvous with him at Hells Gate Roadhouse, then, and follow him in to Pungalina. He said that the Gulf Track had a bad washout at Robinson River, which was limiting through traffic, but that the section we would be on, to the Pungalina turn off, would be do-able.

So – that put a definite date on when we would finish here, and move on to the next adventure.

I was really pleased, though, that we had done these few weeks here – it had been a different insight, being here at this time of year.

Resize of 3-30-2005 Lawn Hill Crk and Hiltons.jpg

Lawn Hill Creek at a somewhat higher level than we had seen before

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