This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels March 21

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We did some more tent putting up work.

I then painted some of the metal  frames  of tent beds, that were showing signs of rust.

Lovely new kwila wood tables and chairs had been bought for the dining deck. John did some assembling of these. Then we both did some oiling of them.

It was very hot and humid – just an ongoing thing. It was very hard to sleep at night, in the van, even with the fan going. It was lucky that we could have this – the main generator was being run all night, as there were few guests to be disturbed by it. The air was stifling. I’d often wondered what it was like up here in the Wet – guess I was finding out!

Resize of 3-30-2005 Lawn Hill Crk Adels.jpg

Lawn Hill Creek at Adels Grove

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