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2005 Travels March 19

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We started work today.

John went up to the kitchen for breakfast. I had mine at the van, as I preferred to do.

John and I worked with L and put up the tent hire tents – which had been taken down last year, for the Wet season.

Resize of 3-30-2005 tent hire Adels.jpg

Hire tent with protective tarp over roof

Tent hire tents had made up beds, a table,  chairs, towels. Guests who wanted to self cater hired these. They had the standard fire pit and tap.

We had to put up the tents and the tarps that covered their roofs. The tarps provided some protection from falling tree debris and also kept the tents a little cooler. In the rather unlikely event of rain, the not very waterproof tents stayed drier.

The new lady X was supposed to set up the tent insides, after we’d put up each one. She was incredibly slow and complained so much: the mattresses (single bed foam) were too heavy to carry, it was too hot to work, and so on. What a wimp!

Resize of 3-30-2005 tent hire.jpg

Hire tent with great shade

It was very hot and humid, I must admit, but one just kept up the water intake and worked through it.

After work, I wandered about the place, taking photos that might be able to be used on postcards. I thought it was high time the very limited old range of these was extended – it had the potential to be such a money maker for the place.

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