This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2004 Travels September 18

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We went back to John’s daughter’s this morning, to spend some more time with his grandson.

John was very conscious that he might only see the boy once or twice more, before the family heads off for a three year absence.

It was a pleasant morning in Canberra, and we spent time out in the garden. John played games with the little one.

Resize of 09-18-2004 in cberra.jpg

We left there about midday, as the family had other things planned.

We refuelled truck – $1.06cpl. Bought the Saturday papers.

Spent the afternoon relaxing at the van and reading the papers.

We had to be at friends’ place at Aranda, for 6pm. That involved driving back through Canberra.

We spent a very pleasant evening with our friends, who served up a most delicious meal. It was great to see them again, after the space of six years. We did not stay too late, as they were both doing a post-graduate naturopathy course, and had to study for coming exams.

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