This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2004 Travels September 13

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John worked on the van brakes, with encouragement from our van neighbour, who hailed from WA.

Whilst the rig was laid up, I decided to wash our bedding and towels. It was a good drying day for these.

The brake problem apparently lay in the fact that John hammered the magnet into place on its arm, at Yulara, thus ensuring it could not move as it was supposed to do. I was not sure what he was thinking when he did that! Anyway, he seemed to have now fixed the problem.

Resize of 09-13-2004 Port Augusta camp.JPG

Hooked up to test the brakes – Port Augusta

I appreciated having the day when I could walk around the caravan park, as well as just stretch out and relax. I love Truck and it had been an excellent vehicle for our purposes, but passenger comfort was not its greatest attribute.

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