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2004 Travels August 14

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Went to the growers’ produce market in the morning, and stocked up on fruit, vegies and eggs.

Did some other shopping.

I was able to get books from the library: $50 deposit to borrow six books. Very good.

Refuelled – $1.12cpl.

We drove to the low river crossing. This has basically been a low causeway across the dry river bed, to give quicker access to the plantations and features on the north side of the river, saving the time it would take to go round via the highway bridge.

We were amazed to find it demolished! It was impassable. It was an indication of how strong the Gascoyne River floods had been, while we were away. Yet again, we reflected how lucky we had been to get away at all, when we did.

Resize of 08-14-2004 01 Gascoyne R low crossing flood damage Carnarvon.jpg

Low level Gascoyne River causeway that was

E and D were still at the caravan park and we chatted with them about where we’d been in the past few weeks.

Had a very yummy prawn dinner.

Today was the start of the Olympic watching – the Opening Ceremony, etc. Glad I have my library books to read!

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