This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2004 Travels August 1

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I was able to get newspapers and spent some of the day reading those.

Went to the supermarkets and topped up our food supplies.

Went for a short drive and looked more closely at the new-ish marina development that we’d passed on the way into town. It seemed that some people were optimistic about being able to sell real estate, and establish sea-related businesses, in such a place. Early days yet!

Exmouth had only really existed since the mid 1960’s, being built to house workers and service the needs of the US North West Cape communications base, built at that time. It was a bit like a Pilbara mining town, but on the coast!

John watched football on TV.

This period was meant to be a quiet and restful recovery time, after our Pilbara whirl! A camp over in the National Park should be just the thing.

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