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2004 Travels July 21

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M and John went off to walk down into Knox Gorge.

I felt like a lay day, so did not go. Hadn’t had much sleep last night – John was snoring!

After they had gone, I had a nap, then lazed about camp.

Resize of 07-19-2004 14 insect.jpg

Karijini bug – reminded me of the Leichhardt’s Grasshopper that heralds the wet season in the Top End

The intrepid explorers returned, earlier than I’d expected.

They’d had a great walk, they said. Had to negotiate a scree slope down, but then got right along the gorge. They were really pleased with themselves.

On their way back from the gorge, they had called into the Visitor Centre and used the phone there to book us into a Newman caravan park, for three nights.

Resize of 07-18-2004 leaf tips.jpg

I liked the bronze tips on this plant

We all lazed about for the rest of the day. Talked about what we’d do next. Broadly, hoped to do a tour of the mine and also explore some of the water holes and springs in the area, that John and I had not before visited.

Resize of 07-19-2004 17 plant.jpg

Possibly a type of grevillea?

Had we been travelling on our own, there was no doubt that we’d have spent more time here in Karijini, and probably spaced the walking out more. But, this time, we wanted to make sure that M saw a good sampling of these parts.

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