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2004 Travels July 13

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No rain through the night – good!

The ground was drying out well. But the track in was still very muddy, and most camp sites were still slippery.

The conditions of our stay would allow us one drive out and back, today, so we decided to visit the Chichester section of the National Park.

We carefully replaced the barrier chain across the track, as we left.

Resize of 07-14-2004 02 Millstream road closed.JPG

The first 35kms were retracing our route in, back as far as the rail road.

It was a relief to see that the heavy rains had not brought the river up over the causeway.

Then there was a 10km section of road through the range. This was sealed, but one vehicle width only and very winding and steep. Could see why it was stated to be unsuitable for caravans, though a small one like ours could manoeuvre through – but meeting any oncoming traffic would pose problems.

There were some great panoramas opened up as we wound our way through the range.

Resize of 07-13-2004 01 Chichester Range area.jpg

From the Mt Herbert carpark, we did the short walk up the mountain. 600 metres each way and the gradient was fairly easy. There were good views to distant peaks and over the ranges.

Resize of 07-13-2004 valley from mt herbert

Then we walked the 4.8km return walk to McKenzie Springs. It was most enjoyable.

Resize of 07-13-2004 03 on McKenzie Springs track

Track marker (camel) on McKenzie Springs track

The day was quite warm and fine, now.

Resize of 07-13-2004 02 McKenzie Springs walk

There were lots of birds around the springs. This was once a watering hole for camel and bullock trains. The springs and the little creek fed from them, which further down contained the Python Pool, were really pretty.

Resize of 07-13-2004 06 pool at McKenzie Springs

We must have been into the early part of the wildflower season in these parts, with a number of different plants in flower.

Resize of 07-13-2004 04 Sturt Pea on Springs walk

Desert Pea

We saw some spotted firetails – a new bird!

Resize of 07-13-2004 05 McKenzie Springs

McKenzie Springs

Resize of 07-13-2004 08 Mt Herbert and Truck.jpg

Mt Herbert from Springs track. Truck is a tiny speck in the carpark!

After some time exploring up and down the creek at the Springs, we returned the same way to Truck, then drove further around the twisting road to Python Pool. From the carpark there, we walked about 100 metres to the actual pool, taking our packed lunches to eat there.

After the peace of McKenzie Springs, Python Pool was rather an assault on the senses. It was too crowded with people, being a place where children could swim. There were far too many noisy kids there!

After lunch, checked out the nearby camp area at Snake Creek – pretty ordinary. But it was, at least, open for camping, hence the hordes at Python Pool.

Resize of 07-14-2004 reptile.jpg

Reptile with striped tail, by the track

Retraced the route, back to our solitude at Deep Reach, peopled only by us and acrobatic corellas.

Resize of 07-13-2004 10 Deep Reach near camp

Deep Reach, near our camp

John topped up the fuel tanks with the diesel from the jerry cans on back of van.

Given the crowds at Python Pool, we concluded that it had been worth the rain, mud and temporary inconvenience that had given us this place to ourselves!

Resize of 07-14-2004 sky

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