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2004 Travels July 9

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John’s face was still very swollen and he was not happy.

I did the washing in the morning, to get that out of the way before we headed off for a couple of weeks of solid activity.

In the laundry, I was recognized and accosted by a lady who had stayed, with her friend, at Adels Grove, last year. They stayed for two or three nights in one of the creekside tents. They were from NZ and had been travelling Australia for more than two years. I didn’t actually recognize her, but so many travellers passed through.

We rearranged Truck contents to fit a passenger onto the back seat. As usual, when travelling, we had removed the two seat part of the back seat, leaving just the seat for one, and packing gear like spare clothes into the space. Things like the picnic basket, folders of maps usually sat on the spare seat, with the picnic table, boxes of spare fuses and hose attachments, small tool kit, spare torch and so on, in the foot well and wedged in front of the seat. Those items all needed temporary relocation.

Went to the shops. Still no mail, so had to do a redirect – to Newman PO. How long DID it take to get an Express Mail delivery from Melbourne to Karratha?

I posted some more gifts off to the family – birthday card and cheque to daughter in law, knitted jumper I’d recently finished for grandaughter, a booklet on El Questro for son, and a note to them.

After late lunch, drove off to the airport to meet M’s plane, which arrived at 4pm. We were surprised to see that it was a 737 – and it was full!

We went straight back to camp. M pitched her tent on the corner of our site. It fitted in well. She settled in with us straight from the start.

Resize of 07-11-2004 01  camp Karratha.JPG

Karratha camp

The NZ ladies came across to have Happy Hour with us and stayed for nearly two hours. It was very pleasant. They were interested in Trakmaster vans.

Went out and bought fish and chips for tea. Pretty expensive here, but very nice fish and not too greasy.

After tea, we squeezed one of the camp chairs into the van so we could all watch “Old Dogs” – such a funny program.

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