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2004 Travels June 19

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Went to Karrinyup Library and borrowed books to read – both of us! With time to fill in while we wait for medical outcomes, and with neither of us feeling very fit, for once John actually wanted reading matter.

Whilst in the Library, looked up Sjoengrens Syndrome on the internet, and in medical reference books. A little knowledge was not a pleasant thing to have! Sjoengrens is not nice. It is an auto immune disease that shuts down the salivary glands. There can be other, associated, auto immune ailments too. They did not know why it came on, and there was no cure. All they could do was act to alleviate the symptoms. John was quite depressed by these research results. Me too.

This trip is just not turning out as it was supposed to!

We drove across to the coast and went to Scarborough where we walked along the beach for a couple of hours.

My cold was not too bad.

Resize of 06-01-2004 Camp Perth first.JPG

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