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2004 Travels June 11

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John’s face was more swollen this morning.

After breakfast, we went for a walk to the river mouth/sandbar. That was pleasant.

Late in the afternoon, John decided he should see a doctor. There were none still open when he tried to phone private practices in Geraldton. So, it was back to Casualty.

This time, John really wanted me to stay inside with him. The time passed really slowly, as we sat around for two and a half hours. Eventually, John saw a young African doctor. He said the previous two diagnoses had been wrong. But he was not sure exactly what the issue was! It might be a blocked parotid gland. Only a scan would tell. They could do that on Monday. But, if it was that, he would have to go to Perth for treatment.

We decided we might as well go back to Perth anyway and see if the problem can be properly sorted out there. John was by now not confident in the Geraldton medical services – and I was totally underwhelmed!

This trip really was not working out as intended.

We would drive back on Sunday – no point in rushing to do so tomorrow, as it would be after the weekend before medical appointments could be made.

I made a drambuie and cream sauce for our crayfish tonight – delicious.

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