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2004 Travels May 23

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It rained again in the night, so we had wet stuff to pack up.

Stayed on the South West Highway to the Vasse Highway turnoff, rather than taking a more minor route through Northcliffe. The highway from Walpole to the turnoff was quite narrow and winding. In sections, there were nasty little drops down from the asphalt to the road shoulder. It required much concentration to drive. Fortunately, there was not much traffic. The Vasse Highway was slightly better.

We went straight to the Pemberton Caravan Park – $20 a night. This fairly small park had a gloomy sort of atmosphere, feeling like it was in the middle of the forest, even though it was only a block from the main street of town. The overall “dark” was probably not helped by the really cloudy and dull weather.

There were lots of Ring Neck Parrots about the park, obviously used to being fed by visitors, because if you stood still for any length of time, they would land on you! Do parrots have lice, like chooks can?

Resize of 05-23-2004 in CP at Pemberton.jpg

Caravan Park Pemberton

We did not intend a long stay here – mostly to visit some timber mills that interested John in the region – so did not do a full set up with awning and so on. Shade was definitely not an issue!

Resize of 05-24-2004 05 admiring each other Pemberton.JPG

We visited the Tourist Information Centre, then went for a walk in the forest behind the caravan park – for some exercise.

Resize of 05-23-2004 to p

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