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2003 Travels September 22

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Packing up day, today. Got as much as we could ready to go.

We cleaned the van’s exterior. where lots of leaves had accumulated over the season.

Resize of 09-22-2003 cleaning van for departure from Grove.jpg

Put away the old piece of lino that we’d been using for flooring under the awning.

Filled Truck’s fuel – $1.02 cpl.

J and D left today – they had to be home and simply could not stay any longer. Old F would go soon, too.

After lunch, I had a long swim in the creek – in the shallower section down from the dining deck, not the main part. I could just laze around there. It was really pleasant, in the heat. This was my only swim here, this year! I think that, getting acclimatized early in the season, one becomes  like a local and it seemed too cold to swim through most of the time we were here. Somehow, one acquired different temperature perceptions to the tourists.

Our last night in the grove. The barking owls were performing – I should miss these, as well as our regular birdlife visitors.

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