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2003 Travels September 15

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We were in no hurry to get up this morning, having slept soundly through a night free of noise from generators, other campers and civilization in general.

I’d been a bit silly and left my shoes outside the tent. This morning, one was inhabited by a little frog. I was fortunate that the inhabitant was something so innocuous. The frog was fortunate that I discovered it before putting the shoe on.

Resize of 09-15-2003 06 shoes left outside overnight.jpg

The bait net that John had put in the river yesterday afternoon now contained some small fish.

Resize of 09-14-2003 04 getting Bait.jpg

Getting bait

We lazed around the camp all day. It was very hot and we were not motivated to do much, except watch the river go by.

resize of 09-15-2003 05 calvert view from first camp

Outlook from camp

John tried some fishing, and actually caught dinner!

resize of 09-14-2003 05 dinner maybe

Black bream for tea

It was just great to laze about, knowing that our time was now our own.

We saw no one, heard no one. There was just peace.

Resize of 09-19-2003 12 life at big waterhole.jpg

Plant growth in the river

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