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2003 Travels August 23

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Our day off.

We had the usual fairly slow start to the morning.

When we eventually got going, I packed some lunch and we went off driving on Lawn Hill Station. I cleared this first by phoning the Manager’s wife. We wanted to see if we could find the tracks that friend P had taken from Doomadgee, when he came to visit last month. V and F had given us an idea where to go, because on some of their days off, they would go off and camp away for a night, at Crocodile Waterhole on Lawn Hill Creek, which was out that way.

At the home yards, we took an easterly track, and continued following tracks in that general direction, until we intersected with Lawn Hill Creek, well downstream, almost to Doomadgee.

Found a lovely big water hole that we thought was Crocodile Waterhole. There was some discussion about which variety of croc this was named for!

Resize of 08-23-2003 01 Crocodile waterhole on lawn hill creek.jpg

Crocodile Water Hole

Found a ford on the creek here and decided that this was the “back” way to Doom – and the way that P had come. It was quite straightforward to drive through, at this time of year, but would obviously be impassable once there had been significant rains.

Resize of 08-23-2003 04 back track to doom crosses lawn hill creek.jpg

Ford of Lawn Hill Creek

This area was all very pleasant, not least because we had seen no one else since we left the cattle yards.

resize of 08-23-2003 03 yards lawn hill station

A set of cattle yards on the station

We explored a bit further on, across the creek, but it started to feel like we might be on aboriginal outstation land, rather than the station, so we back tracked.

The day out was enjoyable, without being too demanding, in terms of driving and distance. The exploring was fun!

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